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NYSHEX Builds Out Engineering Team

Posted by Arjun Anand on Jun 29, 2018 10:49:22 AM

Since our 2017 launch, we have seen volume growth of close to 600%. That growth is extremely exciting for Team NYSHEX, but more importantly for our members who continue to benefit from digital contracting. But, growth comes with an increasing need to develop and roll out new product features, like our Binding Request tool to enhanced notifications and reporting capabilities.

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Crossing the Spread: Creating Greater Collaboration between Shippers and Ocean Carriers

Posted by Johanna Zuber on Jun 28, 2018 10:20:20 AM

In any market, the price of a good, service, or security is a function of supply and demand. How this price is determined varies by where the transaction occurs and the relationship between the buyer and seller. For example, you can’t reasonably expect to negotiate with your supermarket over the price of the avocados you need to make guacamole tonight. You can bet, however, that the supermarket negotiated with their suppliers over the price and quantity and delivery date of those avocados.

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Planting the Seeds of Reliability

Posted by Kimberly Cockrell on Jun 27, 2018 2:26:57 PM
NYSHEX’s Hybrid of Guaranteed Ocean Shipping and Digital Contracting
Finds Fertile Ground at the
Agriculture Transportation Coalition Annual Meeting.

With summer in full swing and a wide scale greening everywhere you look, I’m astounded to see what was just seeds weeks ago becoming massive plants, flowers, and vines. [Note to self: weed the maple seedlings in the yard before they take over.] A few days ago, I had an equally amazing opportunity to see the seeds of NYSHEX that were planted with export shippers a year ago coming into full bloom at the Agriculture Transportation Coalition Annual Meeting (AgTC), a gathering of over 400 agricultural and forest products shippers and logistics professionals.

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NYSHEX takes on Asia: A story in expansion

Posted by Andrew Sisto on May 31, 2018 4:58:30 PM

In 2017, the New York Shipping Exchange (NYSHEX) officially launched as the very first to bring a fixed price, fully enforceable and reliable digital freight contract to the global container shipping market.  Since our launch, we have been providing shippers with reliable TPEB and TPWB service options from top ocean carriers including: CMA CGM, Hapag Lloyd, Maersk Line, OOCL and COSCO.

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Keep Cotton Weird

Posted by Kimberly Cockrell on May 24, 2018 9:12:08 AM

Cotton, the fabric of our lives, the canvas for our favorite concert t-shirt, and one of the United States’ biggest export commodities. That was 

ACSA-2015-Logothe focus of my eye-opening recent visit to Austin, Texas and the American Cotton Shippers Association (ACSA) conference.

This ubiquitous and often underestimated commodity accounts for millions of tons in exports to overseas destinations every year where it is spun into yarns and eventually ends up as our new favorite t-shirts, jeans and more.

I know. Cotton sounds simple. But believe me, it’s not. That’s why I’ve made it a point to get schooled on the ins and outs of the cotton trade.

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