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Maersk ready to reap peak U.S. harvest with guaranteed Transpacific Westbound service offers

When you want a better idea of how one of the largest peak agricultural seasons will play out, you ask one of the world’s largest shipping lines. In this case, we asked Maersk’s Alan MacPherson, Sr. Director of Sales, Central Region and Fernando Quinonez, Director of Sales, Midwest region who collectively have dozens of years of experience working with agri shippers.

Joe Caruso of Stone Arch Commodities Shares His Knowledge on GAFTA in this Guest Blog

At NYSHEX, we’re passionate about learning as much as possible about the unique container shipping needs of our members.  The more we understand about what’s impacting their business and their shipping pain points, the better we can serve them.

Outlook for the US Export Peak Season

Octoberfest, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and cooler days generally signal that "winter is coming." But, if you work for NYSHEX, there is nothing to fear as your mind defaults to one thing: peak harvest season for U.S. agriculture. 

Kicking-off Agri Peak Season, Kansas City Style

Whether or not we want to admit it, the leaves have begun to fall, the heat is subsiding and a new season is upon us. I'm painfully aware that in just a couple of weeks, I'll be bidding my flip flops and paddle board adieu, bringing out the sweaters and having pumpkin-spiced-everything. Even though I don't love the days getting shorter, Fall does have some great things going for it: FOOTBALL (have you seen these new Alabama freshmen??), fire pits, Thanksgiving, AND the Midwest agricultural harvest! 

Maersk Line now offering TPEB Contracts on NYSHEX in time for Peak Season

A Guaranteed Stress-Reliever!

Maersk Line is working hard to ease the pressure during this year’s peak season. Not by treating shippers to yoga classes or a cup of calming tea. This year they will be easing stress levels throughout the industry by offering their customers and NYSHEX members the one thing guaranteed to bring a sense of calm and confidence to shippers everywhere: peak-season space.

Q&A with Lars Jensen on this year's Peak Season

Peak season, that critical time during the year, when cargo needs to move as planned to ensure companies have their products in position for the all-important holiday season is once again wrought with many of the same old challenges - and some new ones too.

Is There a Place for Cryptocurrencies in Shipping?

Everywhere you look, there are more and more emerging businesses and ideas around the applications for blockchain in the supply chain. It can be difficult to discern which opportnities offer the potential to provide realizeable benefits in the foreseeable future. I’m bullish about blockchain technology but bearish about cryptocurrencies and the following paragraphs will outline my personal opinions regarding the role that blockchain and cryptocurrencies will play in the near term.

NYSHEX Expands Carrier Member Network with Addition of Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM)

We are pleased to announce another significant addition to the NYSHEX community. We are pleased to welcome Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) as the newest carrier member on the exchange.  

NYSHEX Builds Out Engineering Team

Since our 2017 launch, we have seen volume growth of close to 600%. That growth is extremely exciting for Team NYSHEX, but more importantly for our members who continue to benefit from digital contracting. But, growth comes with an increasing need to develop and roll out new product features, like our Binding Request tool to enhanced notifications and reporting capabilities.

Crossing the Spread: Creating Greater Collaboration between Shippers and Ocean Carriers

In any market, the price of a good, service, or security is a function of supply and demand. How this price is determined varies by where the transaction occurs and the relationship between the buyer and seller. For example, you can’t reasonably expect to negotiate with your supermarket over the price of the avocados you need to make guacamole tonight. You can bet, however, that the supermarket negotiated with their suppliers over the price and quantity and delivery date of those avocados.