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De-Risking Your Supply Chain: Protecting Against Pandemic Panic

It would be unwise to approach the Coronavirus or COVID-19 with anything less than caution and vigilance with more than 126,000 confirmed cases and almost 4,600 deaths globally to date. We’re witnessing in real-time, the impact of the virus’s spread; from travel bans, empty retail shelves, complete lock-downs and the cancellation of gatherings like TPM20. As the virus, and the associated fear, spreads, containment controls and their consequences are likely to become more severe.

NYSHEX Expands Carrier Network with Addition of Ocean Network Express

ONE joins a group of innovative carriers who use NYSHEX to offer their customers the ability to enter digital and mutually enforceable contracts. With seven of the leading global ocean carriers on NYSHEX, over 60% of global capacity is represented. The member carriers also represent all three container shipping alliances: 2M, Ocean Alliance and THE Alliance, providing NYSHEX shipper members a broad array of service options to choose from.

A Glimpse into the NYSHEX Default Process

While most people are aware that NYSHEX offers enforceable contracts, they may not be aware of what the process is for having that contract enforced. The dispute process may sound daunting in theory. However, NYSHEX strives to make this process as efficient as possible. Our dispute process is not the large tribunal you may be picturing. At the same time, it is not a completely arbitrary resolution process either.   

A New Era For Container Shipping: What C-Suite Executives Should Expect as Shipping Pricing Models Change

We are on the cusp of a new era in shipping; one in which the basic practices to which we’ve grown accustomed will no longer exist. Competitive advantages will be achieved by the organizations who drive out inefficiencies and can interpret real-time data.

How to Evaluate Ocean Contracting Alternatives

Happy Strategic New Year!

The fireworks and dragons of Chinese New Year have passed, but for TPEB shippers based in the US, the excitement is only halfway through. Another new year and new season of challenges is fast approaching.